The highest man-made waterfall in the world was established by the Romans in the 2nd century BC. Amazing cascades burst out by a schedule only a few hours a day. A few kilometers from the park there is the town of Terni with its ancient Roman amphitheater Fausto, the church of San Salvatore and a symbol of the city and its aspirations for the future – Palazzo Vecchio Comunale... 



For going on a trip around Italy, this is one of the most exciting tours that Rome has to offer. This route is recommended for those who are curious to go on an interesting and unusual tour in Rome. All the visitors of Marble Falls, province of Umbria are stunned by its beauty. This unbelievable man-made miracle is a heritage of the ancient Romans; it was created in the 2nd century BC.

It is the only waterfall in the world which bottom is paved with marble around the entire perimeter, but its name is rather given after a bird's-eye view of the falls. If you take a look at the calcium rock, with the flow of water rushing down, it seems that it is marble, which is why the waterfall is called "marble". It’s known though that firstly the fall was named after Pope Clement VIII, who has completed its numerous renovations in 1445.

The avalanches of water are rushing down in three cascades from a breathtaking height of about two hundred meters. This spectacular scene can be seen only from special observation platforms, specially designed for this purpose, and situated along the walking route, and only a couple of hours a day, as the waterfall is functioning by a special schedule. And finally, the amazing waterfall is surrounded with a gorgeous park.

A few miles from the falls there is the ancient city of Terni, founded in 672 BC. Terni is famous for its antique Roman amphitheater Fausto, built in the era of the Roman Empire. Visitors of the city also enjoy visiting Basilica of St. Valentine, the Roman gates Porta Sant'Angelo, medieval palaces Palazzo Mazzancolli and Palazzo Gazzola, Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and many other interesting sights of Italy, located in this ancient city. The route we are proud to offer beats in its uniqueness all the other excursions in Rome.

Tour Package:

  • Perfect for a group of 1 to 8 persons;
  • The tour takes all the day long;
  • The cost of package for a group of 3-8 persons starts from € 820;
  • For the cost for 1-2 people please ask in particular;

The price includes:

  • Personal program assistant;
  • Tour guide services;
  • Luxury car with a driver for the entire tour;